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  1. Plural of salon



salons m|p
  1. Plural of salon


  1. Form of First-person plural present indicative, saler
  2. Form of First-person plural imperative, saler#French|saler

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distinguish saloon
Salon, a word derived from the French for "large room", has taken on various meanings:



  • Salon (room) (or drawing room), a room in a house used for receiving guests.
  • Salon (gathering), private and public, of intellectuals to meet, discuss ideas and watch artistic performances.
  •, an online news magazine whose name is meant to evoke the idea of salon gatherings.
  • Salon International de l'Auto, the French name for the International Geneva Motor Show

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Other uses

  • Champagne Salon, a producer of Champagne
  • Salon music, piano music written in Romantic style, associated with salon room performances
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